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A Must See: GE's 3D Visualization of Solar and Wind

GE’s amazing application renders a 3D digital hologram of smart grid technology right in your hands. There are a variety of amazing opportunities for leveraging this type of a tool to shape the public’s visualization of what a world would look like if we embraced renewable energy resources.

Why is it important for companies to voluntarily evaluate their energy footprints?

Identifying cost savings opportunities, ensuring long-term competitiveness, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are all benefits of evaluating a company’s energy usage. In order to identify the cost savings opportunities that investing in energy efficiencies provide, a company must first analyze the energy flows and consumption patterns of electricity and gas.   Efficiency strategies are typically low-risk, […]

Maps of Domestic Renewable Energy Potential

A recent article in Forbes indicates that Oklahoma is poised to become a renewable energy leader due to their large wind corridor and research into grass-based biofuels.  In reading this article, I was reminded of how critical it is for us all to have a solid understanding of the geography of renewable energy potential in […]

A new design in wind turbines

BroadStar Wind Systems will be unveiling it’s innovative new wind turbine design this week at the BWEA30 event in London.  The new design uses horizontal blades arranged in a rotating cylindrical structure, which can be placed on buildings or to infill existing wind farms. The goal of this new design is to create new and […]

"Solar as a service"

If you have not already read about the innovative business model that Recurrent Energy is built around, you might want to spend some time reading about their, “solar as a service” approach to enabling commercial, residential and government entities to adopt a solar energy infrastructure without investing in the upfront costs.  EIA‘s updated Annual Energy […]